Devotional Easter Hymns

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Beautiful interpretation by Rev. Cyril Hurnyak

“That Easter Day with Joy was Bright”    ELW 384   Puer Nobis  –  Paul Manz

Improvisations on Easter Hymns

 “Now Let the Vault of Heaven Resound” ELW 367 –  Lasst Uns Erfreuen

“Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands”  ELW 370 – Christ Lag in Todesbaden

“Christians, to the Paschal Victim & Christ Is Arisen” ELW 371 & ELW 372

                   Victimae Paschali & Christ ist Erstanden

“Awake My Heart With Gladness”           ELW 378  Auf, Auf, Mein Herz

“Now the Green Blade Riseth”                  ELW 379  Noel Nouvelet